An evening or two with Jeremih
Aug 2011 05

My 2 friends Jeremih and his DJ/ all-round guy Wayneooo were back in Europe and of course I had to go and pay them a visit as they had invited me to hang out with them.

They had a show in Club Network in Lille France where I DJ once a month. I chose for soft pink lips and curly hair.

Once again Jeremih made the ladies heart skip a beat as he sang his hit singles ‘Birthday Sex’, ‘Down On Me’ and even his part on Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ wishing the lyrics would become reality lol.
I had the best ‘seat’ in the house, right with him on stage and funny enough in between 2 songs he shouted me out: DJ LADY S WASSUP?? (at 0:36 seconds to be exact)
Check it out:

After the show is the afterparty! (Wayneo, me, Jeremih)

We partied

Wayneooo what did you say??

What happened… I don’t know!!

So anyways, a couple days later when I was in the South of France, in the middle of a tanning session on the beach in Cannes, Wayneo hits me up saying they are in town again. That only meant one thing: PARTYTIME!!!!!!!
We met up for dinner and afterwards we went to le PALAIS (on the world famous Croisette in where the annual film festival is held) for his show.

Me and my girls, DJ Or’elle and Asmaa

As we were walking to the stage so many ladies were trying to get with him to the VIP area look how packed it was.

Look at me now!! Palais made custom stunna shades with Jeremih’s name on.

After the show we stayed to party some more.
While Jeremih was surrounded by a countless number of women me, my girl DJ Or’elle, homegirl Asmaa, Wayneo and Ramirez were partying like rockstars on stage.

Once again, Jay did his thang!!
Always fun when the boys are around… Good times!!

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