DJ Lady S meet IBIZA 2011
Nov 2011 18

Pumping bass, thousands of party people and no sleep; that’s the IBIZA life!!!

For the first time I’ve discovered Ibiza’s nightlife this year, 2011. (And yes, you can take ‘nightlife’ in the full meaning of the word because I have hardly seen any sun except for sunrise.)
As a HipHop DJ it has opened my mind. I have always loved electro, house, techno music but I’ve never experienced it like this. Ibiza is the mekka of dance music and I loved every second of it.
Let me share you my 3 day Ibiza adventure right here (which was waaaaay too short by the way)

Ready for boarding


To the hotel Ushuaia, which is kinda special

So after we got glam it was time for dinner at the fancy ‘Al Ayoun’.
But first we took a cab to get to the spot. A little anecdote.

Throughout my whole stay I spend so much money. Verdict: You need a garbage bag full of money if you wanna survive there lol.

The food at ‘Al Ayoun’ was so yummie. It’s French-Moroccan cuisine and the place looks beautiful.

I loved this artwork on the wall

You can also sit outside which is like a garden where you can eat or drink and remarkable is this super nice clothing shop attached to it. While having dinner, models were showing the clothes. Very entertaining.

After dinner we made our way to the biggest club in the world; Privilege aka Supermarche

Always nice to get VIP treatment right?

I must admit that Privilege is really the biggest club I have ever seen in my life. Very remarkable is that in every club in Ibiza I went to they always have special decoration, shows, costumed dancers and even butt naked ones hanging doing acrobatic tricks. Light shows are amazing. Everything is so overwhelming because there is so much going on. It’s like a whole new clubbing experience.
The stage at Privilege. There was this American football theme going on that night.

Note about all my videos: the sound is really bad sometimes but I just wanna show you the vibe at the club so you can get an idea of how it is inside there. So excuse me, I am the worst video dude ever including my ‘editting’ lol.

My first night was amazing, couldn’t wait for tomorrow evening.
I actually didn’t have to wait that long. In Ibiza the party is non-stop for real real. A couple of hours later, at the hotel where we were staying in, was the famous ‘Defected In The House’ pool party that starts at 5pm until midnight. 5 DJ’s, blinding laser lights, water and once again, a lot of people!!! Me personally, I had the best time here.

I met this super dope DJ, her name is DJ Miss Divine and she killed it. I got so much love her.

This is very normal, the attire of Ibiza

1 party down, on to the next one…

Club Space – Cafe Olé closing party

Everybody is a superstar in Ibiza

OMG OMG OMG – am standing next to Roger Sanchez – HAPPY FACE !!

It was a sick night..

… not a very sick morning tho lol
I chilled at the beach where again DJ’s were blasting music all day. Team No Sleep!!

I am not asleep… who told you I am asleep… I am just resting my eyes.

If it’s not the music that is keeping you awake, it will be a plane flying right under your head. I swear you , I did not zoom in taking this picture, they REALLY fly super low it hurts your ears. Crazy.

More food, more partying!! Time to get glam again because the sun is going to sleep. Or the freaks come out at night.
Very nice food is served at Nassau. Seafood is there speciality. Yummy in the tummy!

Before hitting the club I met up with some friends from Belgium at this bar called ‘The Place’ owned by a Belgian gentleman.
Look who I bumped into. Felix The Housecat also present.

The fun just doesn’t stop. It was time to hit up the world famous CHERRY club.. PACHA!!!!
I was super duper excited to check out the vibe and the crowd and the music because DJ Luciano was playing and I heard so many great things about his night.
Pacha is high ranked on my list of clubs I wanna DJ at. Someday… sighs

I LOVE CHERRY- the classic pic

The club is so big and the vibe is peaceful how crazy it may sound.

The sun is coming up but the party don’t stop!

Back at the hotel to pick up the bags.

From the club to the airport, that’s how we roll in Ibiza. Did somebody say sleep?? tired?? NO WAY, ’cause that’s for losers!!

Oh… for those who went extra hard.. there is still hope..

IBIZA 2011 it was my pleasure.. Thank you for fkcn me up.. a once in a lifetime experience.. HASTA LA VISTA EN 2012!!!!!!!!

Love, Sx


  1. Anke says:

    I’m happy that you had much fun ! I Love all the words, the pics and all the videos :-) <3

  2. Nico says:

    Great Post! Next Year we go together! Party Hardy Hardy!

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