DJ Lady S talks to Redman (video)
Jan 2012 11

Brick City in da building!!!!!

We had the honor of having Redman over for a DJ set at the famous HotSundayNights at Club Mondial.
I can see you making a face when I say DJ but yes this man is not only a legend behind the mic but he can rock the one’s and two’s as well.

The phunk doctor took us on a wild stroll thru 90′s hip hop making sure New York was strongly represented.
After his show I had a word with him where he tells us what we can expect from him as an all-round artist.


  1. Richy Akuoko says:

    Wow you are too dope Dj Lady S, wish i could see one of you shows.I remember about 9 years ago when i first knew you, I knew that you were passionate about your work.Keep up the good work and much love sweety.


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  3. [...] also check out this cool interview by Lady – S – CLICK HERE [...]

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