SPOTTED: Sleeveless Blazer
Mar 2012 27

Ladies, the weather’s getting better, the sun is saying HELLO more often so that only means one thing. Change the wardrobe!!
Say goodbye to the UGG boots and puffy sweaters and let’s all welcome our cute tee-shirts and diva sunglasses.

I was going thru magazines and this one blazer in particular caught my attention.
Me personally, I LOVE blazers. I have them in many colours and styles from brights ones to glitter, leather, short, long and of course the basic black ones.
I find it such an easy going piece of clothing that almost fits any style.

So the one I saw had NO sleeves, how cool is that? I immediately pictured it in my closet hanging, ready for me to wear.
I find this item ideal for the summer for occasions where you still want to dress up but don’t want to loose the blazer because of the (warm) weather.
It is definitely a must-have for me.
Check out couple of pics of people rocking it.

What do you think, go or no go??

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