My trip to New Delhi/ India (pictures & videos)
May 2012 22

I finally know the difference between namaste and namaskaar: namaste is when you say hello in the morning and namaskaar in the evening.

I had the pleasure to DJ at the Kitty Su club inside of The 5 star Lalit hotel in New Delhi India.
I must say that Indians are THE sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I’ve never felt so welcome in another country than the way they’ve welcomed me. Incredible hospitality and loving people.

Too bad I left for India really sick and only stayed for 2 days because I really wanted to see more of the city. Despite my illness I still got myself together and explored the city a bit.

First door to the Humayun Tomb

Getting closer…

Here you see me in front of the Humayun Tomb which is like the prototype of the Taj Mahal. Standing there is where I really felt India!

Going up there was a school visiting, kids everywhere!!

They loved me tho

View from the tomb over the garden

I’m ready to go inside to see the actual tomb

Here it is

Persian architecture

Down in Old Delhi, doesn’t get fresher than this

I wanted to mingle with the local indian culture and people in the evening so we went to check out this market called Dili Haat. They sold some cool things like handmade jewellery, clothing, vintage stuff and a million spices.

Talking about vintage!

I am a big fan of henna so i got my hand painted with the traditional Indian mendi.

Nails done, hair done everything did!!

Oh, shout out to this dessert I overdosed on since it was one of the few things I could eat with my stomach infection.
I would only wanna go back just to eat this again… chocolate heaven, you didn’t hear me complain!

Instead of riding the tuk tuk we took a taxi and man did we have fun inside.

The driver popped in a cd an played us some Indian hip hop, they turned the taxi into a club.
Mind my sick face, I had a sick fever and a sick stomach infection. Thank You.

So the club Kitty Su is inside the hotel where we’ve (me and Jon Rocca) stayed, The Lalit.

Interesting (huge) painting at the hotel entrance


When I got out of the care I saw these in front of the door.

That ain’t it because walking up to the room I saw that the whole hall way with the flyer on the door knobs. Man, I felt pretty fly.

In front of the club

Me and Jon Rocca

On my way to the prettiest bathroom ever.

I’m telling you that Indians know how to promote!! MORE ME !!!! Even when you are taking a piss – the flat screens in the bathroom were flyyyyyyy.

The club itself is very fancy and the sound system is bangin!!!! They even had subwoofers inside of these boxes where people could sit or dance on. I felt the bass trembling in my whole body.

Me together with the perfect host Surabhi who takes care of the PR of Kitty Su, check out here awesome blog

Once again we made the people dance and left our mark. It as an amazing experience.
I definitely want to go back for some more (of that chocolate dessert)


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