15 years HotSundayNights Mondial (UPDATED! + Mixtape / Free Download)
Jun 2012 12


It is almost that time. We are soon celebrating 15 years of HotSundayNights.

Can you imagine? 15 years of non-stop success each and every Sunday.
Therefore I want to thank YOU the party people, there is no US without all of YOU. Wether you have just started to enjoy the HotSundayNights or wether you have been supporting us for a while, you must know that we are all one big family and we are looking forward to extend our family every Sunday.
It is already madness on a regular sunday

So let’s all gather and toast to life!! We are spoiling you guys with so many goodies to thank you personally for having our back.
For this special event the homies Babybang and Baby Da Kid recorded a bangin track.

Let’s continue make history together. Tell a friend to tell a friend so we can all be friends.

In the words of Kanye and Jay : “it’s a glorious occasion”

Crack T is taking us all da way from 1997 to today on a musical journey of what HOTSUNDAYNIGHTS stands for.
here comes “THE MIXTAPE” (free download!)
Mixed by CRACK-T & Hosted by Babybang


  1. S199 says:

    Happee Birthday HSN \O/

  2. bouille ours says:

    Only whaou!!!
    15 music years of this magnificent nightclub HIP-HOP and R’ Not B on 1 mixtape, all my childhood thank you it is in my MP3 maintaining ^^ pleasant to ears the sound
    Peace and long life in hsn

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