Paris, Lady S is here!!
Apr 2011 09

The home of Chanel, Edith Piaf, Brigitte Bardot. Fashion, fun all fancy! C’est Paris!
About 2 weeks ago I DJ’d in Paris at LE SENS on a thursday.
My girl Kookie from Miami came to visit me too so I decided to stay for 2days and be a real tourist.
This is what it looked like;

First stop was the Eiffeltower

Lunch at UNISEX on the Champs Elysees, great food yummie drinks!!

The interior design was super funky!!!!

We had dinner at L’APPART, I didn’t really like the food but the vibe was very nice.. I fell in love with the sofa!

After dinner it was party time at LE SENS which is super fancy!!!!!

SHOWTIME!!!! Shoutout to DJ Fresh P

Me and my Kookie..305 in the building!!

This is my Paris sister, the best guide you can imagine when it comes to Parisian hot spots.

We had the one and only Mr.Ronaldo at the club. Very nice and humble person. (Bad pic, I have a balloon head)

The next day we continued our touristic behavior and went from landmark to statue.
Here you see Pyramide du Louvre. You might recognize it from the movie Da Vinci Code.

No Paris without visiting LA DUREE. They have the BEST maccarons in the world. I am soooo addicted to them and I ate a box of 20 in one day. Buying maccarons at La Duree is like buying diamonds.

Beautiful box

You see my happy face?!


Ok ladies, this is the official home of the Red Bottom shoes… take notes!!

Christian Louboutin… Je t’aime!!!!

Lady S in wonderland

I was actually bummed because they didn’t have the pair I was looking for but no worries, my mission continued, ON TO THE NEXT ONE. Yes Paris is blessed with 2 official Louboutin shops.
The second store’s window looks soooo dope and that’s where I found my babies!!

After all that shopping and walking I got hungry again so we had lunch at LE MATIGNON

Love the inside of this place

Say hello to my lunch

Before I left Paris my dear friend Svet came to say bye… Reunited again after 3 years.

J’adore Paris.. Good food, great shopping and a lovely vibe. One of my favorite cities in the world!!!

Au revoir et bizoux!!


  1. Nice post! I’ll tweet it!

  2. Schach0u says:

    Miss you my K.K. Sis !!!!

    It was funny to spend the day w/ you (the night was too short) !!!!

    <3 Love from Paris

  3. [...] Thursday May 5th I went off the plane straight on the train direction PARIS for my gig at LE SENS. Once again I met up with my girl Schaima and as soon as I arrived we went to eat (my favorite thing in the world). She took me to “Paradis Du Fruits” where we had a Caeser salad and this big ass juice. It was ultra good and I’m going back next week mouwahahahhahaaaaaa… The club was packed and I did the damn thang!! Tony Parker was in the building too as he was club hopping his way through Paris. My homie DJ Kiss (who lives in Paris) joined us for my gig at Le Sens together with one of the resident DJ’s DJ John Rocca. Me and my Schachou Kardashian The next day me and Schaima went for lunch at the super famous “Cafe de Flore”. I absolutely insisted to go there because Serena and Blair shot a scene for Gossip Girl at the same spot. I felt Blair’s flair and Serena’s elegance… lol… no I am kidding! But it definitely was worth visiting because it’s situated in St.Germain quartier which I just love!! While I was strolling around, Schaima made this pic. Louis V’s window is very pretty now although it makes me look as if I am staring into a candy store. Check how it went the last time I was in Paris [...]

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