Amsterdam Queensday + Istanbul + Paris
May 2011 09

I have witnessed this years Queensday in AMSTERDAM and I have survived it too!!!

Yo no joke but I had the bestess fun in the streets of Amsterdam with my girls on this beautiful day dedicated to the queen of Holland. Happy birthday chick!! We celebrated her birthday with on every square live acts, DJ’s spinning, artists performing, BBQ’s on almost every corner and live bands that made us shake to the drums. Surrounded by happy, drunk, beautiful, crazy people who painted the town Orange.
I had to take a picture with these two random dudes.

Me and my chicas (check the 2 peoples legs in the background LOL)

I’m not gonna talk too much just watch these 2 videos and I hope you will feel the crazyness in your body. 

And the party continued…

I did not lie right?? It felt so good to be a part of the mass and seeing people having fun without giving a fkc.
Until next year…

Oh by the way, there is no such thing as this.
(Low fat fries do not exist!!!!! lol)

Wednesday May 4th I went to Istanbul, Turkey for the official opening of The Edition hotel and the club inside called Billionaire’s Club. Of course Hadise had the honor to do this.
It was kind of a big deal, very fancy event only for the rich and famous people from everywhere in the world.
We performed in front of a LED screen with a huge Hadise picture (picture taken during soundcheck)

Thursday May 5th I went off the plane straight on the train direction PARIS for my gig at LE SENS.
Once again I met up with my girl Schaima and as soon as I arrived we went to eat (my favorite thing in the world).
She took me to “Paradis Du Fruits” where we had a Caeser salad and this big ass juice. It was ultra good and I’m going back next week mouwahahahhahaaaaaa…

The club was packed and I did the damn thang!! Tony Parker was in the building too as he was club hopping his way through Paris.

My homie DJ Kiss (who lives in Paris) joined us for my gig at Le Sens together with one of the resident DJ’s DJ John Rocca.

Me and my Schachou Kardashian

The next day me and Schaima went for lunch at the super famous “Cafe de Flore”.
I absolutely insisted to go there because Serena and Blair shot a scene for Gossip Girl at the same spot. I felt Blair’s flair and Serena’s elegance… lol… no I am kidding! But it definitely was worth visiting because it’s situated in St.Germain quartier which I just love!!
While I was strolling around, Schaima made this pic. Louis V’s window is very pretty now although it makes me look as if I am staring into a candy store.

Check how it went the last time I was in Paris

So far my journey and my stories.
If you have any advice or if you know any hotspots.. SHOOT!! Would love to know.
Love, Peace and beats!

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